Completed Projects

  1. Special Issue of TESOL Journal exploring service-learning in different TESOL settings around the world. About three dozen proposals were submitted for consideration in the issue from TESOL teacher-researchers in the United States, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. The issue was published fall 2013.

  2. Service-Learning Faculty Development Modules
    While serving as Assistant Director of Service-Learning and Internships at the University of Idaho, I led a collaborative professional development project with several universities in Idaho to create a common set of online modules to educate faculty, students, and community partners on service-learning theory and practice. Each of the participating universities then customized these with their own branding, local service examples, and staff contact information.

  3. Special Issue of The Reading Matrix - Voices from the Margins: Second Language Acquisition Research in Periphery Communities. I had the pleasure of co-editing a special issue of The Reading Matrix with Suresh Canagarajah focusing on applied linguistics research conducted in peripheral communities such as Native American reservations and developing countries. The issue explores the theoretical, political, and ethical implications of English globalization on applied linguistics scholarship. The issue was published early 2011 and can be viewed on the journal’s website (

  4. Bedford/St. Martin CBW Critical Sourcebook

    In 2010, I finished work on an edited collection for the Bedford/St. Martin Critical Sourcebook series with Thomas Deans and Barbara Roswell. Writing and Community Engagement: A Critical Sourcebook features about twenty-five previously published articles and excerpts that explore the theory and practice of community-based writing. Similar to Learning the Language of Global Citizenship, this book highlights the interactions between service-learning and community literacy, intercultural rhetoric, genre, assessment, and other closely related concerns by providing exemplary models of service-learning research and praxis in English Studies